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Every Great College Basketball Team Needs An Asshole - Meet Arizona's Kerr Kriisa, The Best Asshole In The Sport

I firmly believe in order to be a great team in college basketball you need an asshole. I mean that as a compliment. You need a guy that will piss off opposing fans, not afraid to talk a little shit and also execute. That's Kerr Kriisa. There's no bigger asshole in the sport and I love every moment of it. Last night, he just straight up went to the FS1 announcers to ask who invited the refs after a questionable call. We need that. Especially because John Higgins was reffing the game. Made me enjoy it even more. 

But the guy gets it. He rocks Steve Kerr's 25 and his first name on the jersey because, well, he was named after Steve Kerr. He wears a headband, yaps to anyone and everyone while also putting up a ho-hum 12 and 5 while just turning it over 2 times per game. He's as much as a reason Arizona is a top-10 team in the first year under Tommy Lloyd as anyone. 

The man embraces people booing him. He wants people to boo him. Again, you need that if you're going to be great. You need someone who doesn't give a shit. This is especially true from the lead guard spot. Sure, Ben Mathurin is an All-American and a legit NPOY candidate. Sure, Christian Koloko is a hell of a defender. They have depth and play an awesome style. But for me it's Kerr Kriisa. I talk about it all the time, but guards win the NCAA Tournament. Kriisa is good enough to win for Arizona. Plus if you're going to make fun of refs to a microphone, I'm going to love you.