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According To Bobby Clarke, The Flyers Wanted To Draft Cale Makar But Ron Hextall Decided To Screw The Organization Into Bolivian Instead

If you don't want to listen to the clip, here's a great idea of what you can do instead. Go out to the nearest hardware store, grab the largest hammer they have for sale, find the strongest guy in the store and politely ask him to smash you straight in the dick with it. That will more or less get the same point across as this Bobby Clarke quote from his interview on the Cam & Strick Podcast. 

My god that was brutal to listen to. I mean I think we all knew at this point that Ron Hextall was a gigantic prick who seemed to go out of his way to make sure nobody else's input was ever valued when making decisions for the organization. But just hearing it all laid out like that makes it pretty damn clear that everybody in the building hated the shit out of Hexy, and he couldn't have cared less about it. He was going to do everything his own way and everybody else could go pound sand. And when you have one egotistical sociopath making all these decisions, these are the mistakes that happen. 

Nolan Patrick over Cale Makar. Wasting a 1st round pick on German Rubtsov. Jay O'Brien is looking more and more like he's never going to crack the Flyers lineup. I love Joel Farabee and I think Morgan Frost is finally starting to come around a bit, but I'd still rather have Brayden Schenn if this team was looking to actually contend at any point soon. Now all of a sudden the Flyers could have had Ryan O'Reilly? 

It's not like any GM is perfect. Bobby Clarke's tenure as GM is also littered with misses. But when you look at the Flyers right now and how much of a disaster it's turning out to be, it almost feels like Hextall did it on purpose. Like it was all out of spite or some shit. The team is terrible, the prospect pool used to be one of the only great things about the Flyers and now that is completely dismantled as well. And the worst part of all is that organizationally the Flyers are a complete and total shit show. Maybe there would be hope for the near future if there was any reason to believe the organization was ran properly and cohesively with a direct goal in mind. But they'll just continue to throw shit at the wall for the next 20-30 years. Can't wait. Love this team.