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One Year Later: We Will Never See A More Absurd Sports Story Than Bishop Sycamore

This blog was originally published last year after all the details came out about Bishop Sycamore. Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

We seem to be coming to an end of the Bishop Sycamore story. With that said, I wanted to sum it all up and run through everything because this is truly the most absurd sports story in a long time. It has everything from playing on national TV, taking over Twitter for multiple days, jokes and now Ohio's governor investigating the situation. 

Sunday night I saw a tweet linked to an article about a fake school. Uh, of course I'm going to click that. I'm a sucker for high school sports. Always have been, always will be. So when I saw a fake school duped ESPN into playing on national TV, it was a no-brainer. What I didn't expect was the complete craziness that followed. Most of the time with Twitter and stories like this it takes over for a night, maybe bleeds into Monday morning. But then something else happens and that takes over the headlines. The Patriots cut Cam Newton and it turned into Bishop Sycamore jokes. That's how you know you're watching something special unfold. 

More details start coming out on Monday as a 247 guy brings up a player on the roster who was supposed to graduate from Florida in 2020 and used a fake ID and fake recruiting profile. 

The fact that this story didn't die on Monday showed that even more shit was coming out and boy did it. You had a former player talk to Complex and laid out how the whole thing is a scam. Shocking, I know. 

Then you had their coach being fired. Still not sure how this happens since everything about Bishop Sycamore is fake, but like Kramer, you get fired from a job you don't really have. 

DeMatha out of Maryland canceled their game against Bishop Sycamore and so did Johnson Central, a powerhouse in Kentucky who they were supposed to play this weekend. It's all coming to an end for the program, the school and the story. It's honestly one of those that I'm fucking pumped we had Twitter. It was worth it for the 48 hours. Very few things have taken over like this story and that's why we'll never see a more absurd story. We'll never see a fake school pop up on national TV. Sure there will be fake prep schools and fake recruiting profiles. But we won't see it at this stage. We won't see the goddamn governor of a state tweeting about it. We won't see announcers on air apologizing for the game. We won't see the twists and turns that we saw here. So job well done everyone. Bishop Sycamore is officially a closed story now. 

The merch is fire too.