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Lewis Hamilton Casually Sold his $49.5 Million Dollar Penthouse in New York City During the Biggest Week of His Racing Career... Oh Yeah and He Never Even Lived in it

We're in the last week of the 2021 Formula One season and Lewis Hamilton is currently in the toughest World Championship battle of his career, currently tied in points with Max Verstappen, but he still found time to unload his $49.5 million dollar penthouse in New York City. Seems like he wanted to give everyone a quick flex heading into this weekend with just how dominant he's been over his career that he can afford to have a $49.5 million apartment sitting on the shelf that he's never lived in. Not a bad spot to collect dust.

Lewis Hamilton is so damn competitive that it wouldn't surprise me if this was all some sort of mind game to mess with Verstappen before this weekend. In my head, I'm imagining that Hamilton found out in 2017 Verstappen's dream was to one day own an apartment in Tribeca that had three floors, with a private elevator, library, and outdoor pool, so Hamilton bought this apartment to keep in his back pocket just in case he was ever in a championship battle with Verstappen. Then when the time was right he would drop the news that he sold it and throw in the little detail that he never once lived in it. Verstappen reading the news, punching air, realizing that Hamilton has already achieved everything that he hopes to one day do in life so how could he ever hope to beat him. Living rent-free in his head.

While this is nowhere even close to true, it's not that surprising that Hamilton never lived in this apartment. He supposedly also owns an £18 million apartment in London and a place in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Almost every other driver on the grid owns a place and spends most of their time in Monaco. While New York City is cool and that apartment is stunning, you know what's probably even cooler for Hamilton? Not paying taxes on the millions upon millions he makes every year, by living in Monaco. There's a reason why every F1 driver lives in Monte Carlo and it's not to get more time to study the Monaco Grand Prix track...

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Also helps when you have a backup $40 Million Dollar apartment in New York City when you decide to visit the big city every once in a while to hang out with Tom Brady and Gisele.

NY Post: Don’t worry: Hamilton still owns another bachelor penthouse at nearby 70 Vestry St., home to celebs such as supermodel Gisele Bündchen and football legend Tom Brady.

He bought his Vestry Street penthouse for $40.7 million in 2019, just before he put the 443 Greenwich home on the market for the first time — for $40.9 million.

Winning seven world championships comes at a price and it's never getting to live in one of your apartments that any normal person can't even comprehend exists let alone could dream of owning/living in. If you want to see how Hamilton's able to afford a $49.5 million dollar apartment that he's never called home, tune in this weekend for the final race of the Formula One season and you'll see just how talented and competitive he is at racing cars. He is the Tom Brady of Formula One. He is on a different planet when it comes to winning.

This season has been one of the most dramatic and intense seasons in Formula One history, the final race is in Abu Dhabi at 8 am ET on Sunday morning. Hamilton and Verstappen are tied in points, so whoever finishes better in the race wins the World Championship. Hamilton would break the all-time record for World Championships with eight and it would be Verstappen's first-ever World Championship. They're going to leave everything on the track, it's going to be a race for the ages. 

Catch up on all of the insane drama that happened in last Sunday's race and follow along this week for everything leading up to the dramatic conclusion of this historic season.