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“Let’s Not Give More Credit Than We Need To Give Bill Belichick” - Sean McDermott Said As He Cried Into His Diaper


No one:

Nobody at all:

Sean McDermott for seemingly no reason at all:

I don’t remember a single moment since McDermott took over in Buffalo where he wasn’t crying against the Patriots. He cried for 60 minutes tonight and then ran to his press conference to cry some more. “We couldn’t score any points, that has nothing to do with going up against the greatest defensive mind the game has ever seen make sure you jot that down.” It’s embarrassing. And this goes back to the Jordan Poyer/Micah Hyde press conference: the entire team - top to bottom - is in deep denial about what just transpired on that field. You can’t fix your problems if you’re afraid to say they even exist. Going into tonight’s game I genuinely thought the Patriots and Bills would split the season series. I thought that was a fair outlook. Now I’m looking at their next three games and wondering if they can put another W on the board before the calendar flips to 2022. What an unraveling of epic proportions