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The Sentinels Have Dethroned The Juggernaut Of OpTic Gaming By Beating Them In The Finals Of The Halo Infinite Raleigh Qualifier

Last night was a marathon night for competitive Halo Infinite. At 4:40am EST, the Sentinels made an insane comeback to dethrone the king of competitive Halo, OpTic Gaming. Up until this point, OpTic was by far and away the top dog throughout competitive play, but last night they showed a kink in the armor.

So the way competitive Halo works is as follows - series are played as best of 3 until grand finals (then it's best of 5). It's a double elimination tournament and the team coming out of the winner's bracket gets the advantage of only having to (1) single best of 5 series. The team coming out of the loser bracket has to win (2) best of 5 series to take home the chip.


In the first Halo Infinite tournament, OpTic Gaming came from the loser's bracket to beat Cloud 9. In the second, OpTic came out of winner's and again beat Cloud 9. This was the third major HCS (Halo Championship Series) tournament and OpTic Gaming has finally fallen.

This tournament was important because it determines seeding for the first Halo Infinite LAN event in Raleigh on December 17th - 19th. A LAN event is where teams are all playing on one "local area network" but in simplicity it means that every single player is on an even playing field. Your internet connection doesn't matter which can give gamers massive advantages when playing online.

Think about LAN events as the playoffs whereas online tournaments are regular season games. Winning at LANs is the most important measure of success for a competitive team.

It came all the way to a map 5 in the first series, but Sentinels were able to prevail, win the map and ultimately reset the bracket.

At this point it's 3:43am and Sentinels are still riding the comeback wave.


It came to map 4 with Sentinels up 2-1 and they were able to complete the comeback and beat OpTic Gaming. GGs only.