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NIGHTMARE: People At The New Mexico/NMSU Game Couldn't Use The Bathroom In The Second Half Because Of A Power Outage

Matthew Ashton. Getty Images.


I'm not exaggerating when I say this is my biggest nightmare about going to a game. I can avoid a fight. I can dodge flying drinks. I can deal with people yelling at me if they care to do so. I can't handle not being able to go to the bathroom. It's the first thing I think about when I go on a road trip. It's the second thing I scout out when I go to a new stadium - the first being where the beer vendor is. Kind of goes hand in hand though. 

Last night you had a rivalry game. New Mexico vs New Mexico State. People couldn't wait to see it! 

The cruel irony of using the word electric here well before the power went out is not lost on me. You can't expect that to happen. At the same time you have Grand Canyon (New Mexico State's conference rival) throwing shade at you. 

The sad thing is, it was a good game too! 101-94 for New Mexico. But you can't shake the fact that you lost bathroom privileges. I'd have nightmares showing up to that arena every time. Lights go down for introduction and immediately I'm ready to go to the bathroom. Weird how it works out that way. Maybe it's just my dumb brain, but on a road trip and you're debating when to stop and you see 'next rest stop 41 miles' you start playing a dangerous game friends.