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After Signing Exclusively To YouTube Gaming, Ludwig Will Be Funding $1 Million Towards The Biggest Super Smash Tournament Ever

Who is Ludwig you might ask? He's the streamer that made sub-a-thons popular. In April, Ludwig broke Ninja's record for the most subscribers at one time on Twitch. On April 14th, 2021 it was upwards of 282,000 subscribers. Insanity.

This was during his Sub-a-thon event, where every subscriber he got ($5/subscriber) - he added 10 seconds to a clock and streamed until the timer ran out. He set a hard stop on the stream after 31 days and he managed to hit that total. Now, he didn't game straight for 31 days - he obviously slept, ate, made food and just had a stream live on him at all times.

Ludwig is a former Super Smash Bros. commentator whose career took off in 2018 when he went full time into content creation.

In the video above he's talking about his future plans and said he is going to running the biggest Super Smash (both Melee and Ultimate) with a prize pool of roughly $1 Million. Legend status.

The Signing

YouTube Gaming has been GOING for it lately. They are making massive strides to close the gap to Twitch and by signing Ludwig, they move one step closer.

YouTube Gaming has some big dogs signed onto their platform. These include: Dr. Disrespect, TimtheTatman, Dr. Lupo and Courage JD. If it wasn't for Nickmercs staying with Twitch, I would've considered Twitch on life support losing so many streamers to YouTube.

The war wages on between YouTube and Twitch. If YouTube can make their streams have better user interface and add picture-in-picture on mobile, they'll pull even closer to Twitch. For now, Twitch is still the King of live streaming.