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'Children of Men', 'Alien' And Everything Else Coming To Prime Video This Month

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Children of Men - TODAY

This is one of my favorite movies for a ton of reasons. The camera work is insane. You see that long take above? It's only like the 3rd best one in the movie! The acting is outstanding from the strangely stacked cast, and the story is really heartbreaking at points. It is one of the few movies that still makes me tear up on rewatch. 

Alien  - TODAY

One of the greatest movies ever made in both the sci fi and horror genres. It is a must-watch movie if ever there was one, and it is always worth a rewatch. 

Stuck on You - TODAY

This movie might not be on the same level as the previous 2, but it is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Damon and Kinnear have a weirdly great chemistry and it also features a young Eva Mendes. Where has she been at lately anyway? 

TODAY: 50/50, Alien, American Assassin, Born on the Fourth of July, Cast Away, Children of Men, Crazy Stupid Love, Dead Poet's Society, Dude Where's My Car, Eragon, Fantastic Mr. Fox, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, In Time, It's Complicated, Jane Eyre, Jingle All The Way, Johnny English, Kung Pow, Mrs. Doubtfire, Rushmore, Snatch, Stuck on You, The Black Dahlia, The House Bunny, The Nutty Professor, Three Men and a Baby, Undercover Brother, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wild Hogs 

November 5th: The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

November 19th: The Wheel of Time(New Amazon series that is supposed to be big)

Expiring Titles Not Disclosed Yet