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True Love: Mauro Icardi Left PSG Because He Allegedly Cheated On His Wife, Will Reportedly Only Return If She Deletes Her Instagram

Alright there's a lot going on here so stay with me. Stay with me because this whole story is fucking hysterical. Hell, this story goes back years actually. Wanda Nara was once married to Maxi Lopez. Why does that matter? Well, Maxi Lopez was teammates with Mauro Icardi. I bet you're starting to connect the dots here. Wanda Nara cheated on Maxi Lopez with Mauro Icardi then just straight up left him for his teammate. Kids and all. So there's the backstory, Wanda cheated on Maxi, ended up marrying Mauro. 

Oh and here's another twist. Wanda Nara is Mauro Icardi's agent. Yep, that makes sense. What can go wrong there? If I've learned one thing from growing up it's always to trust your new wife who cheated on your teammate with you to be your agent. Best interest is always in mind there. The only reason I bring this up is to show you how fucked up the situation is and because of the list of demands.

That's right, there's a list of demands here for Mauro Icardi to return to PSG. Ever since it was reported that he cheated on Wanda, he just left the team. Low key sort of respect the move of just hiding and not dealing with news right in your face. 

Now today there is this report, which is perfect. Mauro Icardi is ready to return to PSG if 4 demands are met. Here are the 4 demands (h/t The Sun)

MAURO ICARDI 'has made four demands of his wife Wanda Nara if he is to return to Paris Saint-Germain', according to sensational reports in Argentina. And one of them is for her to DELETE her Instagram account.

As reported by AS, the 28-year-old wants her to close her social media accounts. But not before she posts a photo of the entire family 'to silence the rumours'.

Icardi reportedly also wants his wife to work exclusively as his agent and not take on any more jobs.

And the fourth demand is reportedly that she does not fly out on his private jet without him.

I can't stop laughing at this list of demands. They are so stupid and hilarious, especially when you remember he is the one who cheated on her. She has to delete her Instagram? Well, hate to break it to you but there's no chance she does that. Mind you she once said this. 

Think of the fans Mauro! Think of the fans! But then the 2nd demand is she has to post a picture of the family. Gotta clear it up. How long does she have to lead the picture up before she deletes the Instagram? A lot of questions here Mauro. Probably didn't help that Wanda went to Instagram story to accuse you of cheating. 


Here's the woman - a South American actress/model - who is reportedly the 3rd woman

Stunning Maria Eugenia Suarez effectively confirmed she was the 'third woman' in the relationship by insisting: “What occurred is a situation I didn’t start, I didn’t encourage and I didn’t provoke.”

Appearing to blame Icardi for deceiving her without actually naming him, Suarez said in an Instagram Story : “There’s a much bigger and deeper story behind what’s happening today which many woman are going to identify with.

Pretty bold move just going on Instagram and admitting it. Don't hate the move though. She's just owning it and putting the blame on Mauro. This is Maria Eugenia Suarez aka China Suarez 


And this is Wanda Nara's Instagram, which Mauro wanted deleted. 


Just another day in the soccer world.