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Sam Ehlinger ACTIVATED

Sam Ehlinger is coming off the injured reserve. If you haven't been following the huge saga that is my prediction that Sam Ehlinger might outperform much of the 2021 QB draft class, then you wouldn't realize how important this is. 

You see Sam Ehlinger was a 218th overall pick and in my mind, I saw a guy who had played through a lot of adversity at Texas and could possibly do well in the right NFL system. This was also coupled with some Trevor Lawrence is a bust slander. 

Anyway unfortunately after showing many bright lights in the preseason Sam Ehlinger tweaked his ACL. Look Sam was lighting it up and leading game-winning drives. 

What makes the more interesting is that they released Jacob Eason who was Ehlinger's main competitor for QB2. Brett Hundley was only signed to the practice squad because Sam Ehlinger got hurt and put on the IR. Given what we know about Carson Wentz's durability there is a chance that Sam could see some playing time. He played more in the preseason than Hundley and with Eason falling out of favor we might have a serious chance Ehlinger is QB1. We are closer to him one day becoming the franchise starter I know he can be.