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The Knicks Are Here To Save New York Sports From Sad Boy Season

As someone that has covered the absolute clown show that has been the New York Knicks here at Barstool since 2014, I cannot believe I wrote that headline either. But I stand by it. The Giants and Jets are the two worst teams in football over the last five years while the Mets and Yankees fell short of any reasonable goals yet again this season. The hockey teams may be good this season but I have no clue and I simply do not acknowledge the Nets as a New York team. 

The Knicks may have only played (and won) four preseason games, but I am already declaring them the most likable, deep, enjoyable Knicks team in years. That may not be much of a statement considering the dog shit we've been forced to eat with our eyes for a very long time. However, this Tommy Stat from hell hammers home just how broken this team was (No offense to Priggie Smalls).

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The most common take on this Knicks team is that they may not have as good a winning percentage as last year's Knicks or get the four seed again in a pretty decent East again, which I get. The counterpoint is clearly that Thibs will get every ounce of effort out of his guys before their soul leaves their body and there are already two shitshow stories involving players in the Atlantic Division with neither somehow being the Knicks. If Randle can deliver anything close to last season's All-NBA performance, RJ can channel the disrespect from being left off of The Athletic's Top 125 NBA Players list, Kemba/D-Rose/Mitch all can at the very least not suffer devastating injuries, Fournier doesn't Google his own name (trust me, don't do it) IQ and Obi continue to flash the promise they've shown, the rookies can contribute as much as Thibs allows them to which hopefully includes the occasional dunk that breaks our brains, we could have ourselves another special season since the fans will be ready.


Oh yeah, and we need the owner to continue to meddle with the hockey team so the basketball team can continue to blossom into one of the model franchises of the NBA again!

You know what? We don't need that today. I am willing to put all the bad juju of the past behind us and retire that tweet for as long as he stays in the shadows playing his kazoo while continuing to let Leon cook. 

What's important now is that we get hyped as fuck about the most exciting team at The Garden in a very, very long time.