Dan Snyder, Tanya Snyder, And Jason Wright Should Be Absolutely Ashamed Of How Poorly They "Honored" Sean Taylor In A 1 Minute Ceremony Stuffed In At Halftime


I cannot get over just how bad the Washington Football Team front office, namely Dan Snyder, Tanya Snyder, and Jason Wright fucked up the Sean Taylor jersey retirement yesterday. After Jason lied to all of us, saying they had been planning this for months, they stuffed the retirement ceremony at the very end of some weird halftime alumni dog and pony show, honoring Sean for all of a minute. I can't even find the full video because the video the official NFL account put out is 17 god damn seconds



17 seconds from the NFL. 17. For Sean Taylor. I cannot believe Jason Wright lied to us like this. I mean I can but I can't. He's just the new Bruce Allen. The new Face of Failure for Dan Snyder. We were sold a bill of goods, told it'd be different. Told Dan was taking a step back and Jason would run the show. Nope. Those emails came out and Dan/Jason decided to use Sean Taylor as a marketing ploy to change the attention. Absolutely gutless.

What's sad is they actually thought we'd buy it? Is that how stupid they think we are? Like, what did they think the reaction would be? When they announced it on 3 days notice they thought we would jump up and down with happiness? Jason said in his stupid little letter:


We thought that saving the news for a game week reveal was the best way to focus the message on Sean and his legacy. We didn't realize that so many of you wanted to make a trip to FedExField to be present for this moment -- a true lack of understanding of what you, the lifeblood of this franchise, needed to mourn our collective loss and celebrate Sean's legacy.


Oh fuck off, dude. God that made my blood boil reading it again. You didn't think people would want to go see SEAN TAYLOR'S NUMBER GET RETIRED????? Absolutely fuck off.

For comparison, here is Brian Dawkins in Philly:



We had a minute with zero planning. For Sean Taylor.

But it gets worse:



Sweet photo-opp in front of the toilets, you buffoons. Snyder wearing a baggy hoodie. Jackson Mahomes stomping all over the number on the sideline. But Jason said they had this planned for months! Months!!!! It's all a lie.





Jason Wright should be incredibly ashamed and embarrassed. We know who Dan Snyder is, but Jason straight up lied to our faces about this. He was supposed to bring in all the change, the great new culture, be the voice of the fans. He is now just another yes-man to Snyder, the new Bruce Allen. 

I have never seen WFT fans bail more than they have over the last 24 hours. More than any other time. This was absolutely the last straw for those who were still somehow holding on. Using Sean Taylor's legacy in this way is such a slap in the face to every single fan who has ever given a dime to the franchise. This could be it for me. I didn't even bother to watch the 2nd half yesterday. I could not have cared less after what they did and how they did it. An absolutely pathetic decision by the WFT front office, probably the worst overall decision I've ever seen a team make in all of sports. It'll take a lot to get the fans back, and we all know that as long as Dan Snyder is in charge, it'll never happen. Go Caps.