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Lighten the Fuck Up! What Happens in Vegas...

Garin Chadwick. Unsplash Images.

A man took a day off from work to go golfing and just as he was ready to tee off he heard a frog croak at the edge of a nearby stream, “Ribbit, 9-iron…”

The man wasn't sure he heard right, but then the frog repeated, “Ribbit, 9-iron…”

To prove the frog wrong, the man pulled out his 9-iron and took a healthy swing at the ball… Hole in one.

The man approached the frog and said, “You must be a lucky frog”. The frog replied, “Ribbit, lucky frog…”

The man took the frog to the next hole and the frog croaked, “Ribbit, 3-wood…”

The man pulled out a 3-wood and took another healthy swing… Hole in one.

“Wow, you really are a lucky frog! What’s next?” the man asked curiously. Without hesitation, the frog croaked, “Ribbit, Las Vegas…”

So the man put the lucky frog on the passenger seat of his blue sedan and drove to Las Vegas. They walked into a casino and then straight to a roulette table where the man asked the frog, “What’s the bet?”

“Ribbit, $6,000, black 6.”

"Six is an unlucky number and not a popular bet in roulette…" the man replied in shock. Because the lucky frog had been right about the golf clubs he decided to put down the bet hoping the frog would be right again… When the roulette wheel finally stopped the ball landed on black 6 for the win.

The man was ecstatic and decided to splurge on the most expensive penthouse in Las Vegas.

“How can I ever repay you?” the man asked the lucky frog.

“Ribbit, kiss me”, the frog demanded.

So, he kissed the frog and it immediately turned into an incredibly attractive 15-year-old girl…

"And that Your Honor, is exactly how SHE ended up in my hotel room last night…"

* Vindog has been repurposing jokes since 1968