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Lighten the Fuck Up! He Was Extremely Wealthy & More Than Twice Her Age...

Oliver Gutfleisch. Shutterstock Images.

Howard is an extremely wealthy 63-year-old man who's been divorced three times. Over the years he's put on some weight and thinned out on top, but he doesn't look bad for a man his age. 

One afternoon he showed up at the country club with his new wife, a smoking-hot 28-year-old brunette. His golf buddies were shocked and a little jealous too. 

"There is no way someone that young and attractive would agree to marry an old geezer like you Howard, how'd you pull it off ?" one of his golf buddies was quick to ask.

"It's simple" Howard explained, "I lied about my age…" 

"Did you tell her you were 50?" another one of his buddies asked sarcastically. 

Howard shook his head NO

 "There is no way she'd believe you were 40!" his buddy was quick to point out.

 Howard shook his head NO again…

 "So, just how old did you tell her you were?" a third guy asked…

Howard leaned in towards his three golf buddies, cracked a smile, and whispered, "85"…

* Vindog has been repurposing jokes since 1968