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OJ Simpson Agreeing with Me on Tom Brady's Trainer Dragging Bill Belichick Takes Us Into the Weekend

Phelan M Ebenhack. Shutterstock Images.

Yesterday I wrote a piece about Tom Brady's business partner/fitness guru Alex Guerrero criticizing Bill Belichick and blaming the way he treated the GOAT for the break up. Which, admittedly, I'm still in a very emotional place about. And I didn't want to hear it from the guy I think caused the breakup of the greatest collaborative duo of all time. So I said some things. And called some names. 

Which I felt a little bit bad about. Even though I was speaking from the heart. 

But I no longer do. Because when you've got a former Heisman Trophy winner*, MVP and Hall of Famer agreeing with every word, you need apologize for nothing. 

So thanks, OJ, for making me feel good about my opinions. If I'm wrong and you're wrong, I don't want to be right. I watched you run for 250 yards on the Pats in a blizzard when I was a kid. So it's gratifying to know you've got my back on this one. Might makes right. And OJ knows a thing or two about messy, painful breakups. 

Just to end the week on an actual high note, here's the footnote to go with that asterisk:

RIP, Norm.