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The House Mark Davis Is Building Is Half House, Half Space Ship, 100% Insane




The article about it is behind a paywall so I don't have additional details, but the house looks insane, and obviously modeled after Allegiant Stadium/Raiders HQ. 



And this is why Mark Davis is the best. Always on brand. If he doesn't have a PF Changs in there I'd be stunned. Some people want a state of the art kitchen, some people want a crazy pool, some people want a tennis court--- Mark Davis wants a house that looks like a space ship and everything else will just fall into place.

I'm excited for more details to come out about this. I mean the thought of this guy



Gabe Ginsberg. Getty Images.

living in that house makes me so happy. He could not have been nicer when I met him 




So I'm glad the humble billionaire is building an absurd house. Seriously. Like, when it comes to rich guys who are actually easy to root for, he's near the top of the list.