People Forget Pac-Man Jones Absolutely Smoked Kellen Winslow Jr Right In The Face In The Middle Of A Game

We got an absolutely STACKED card tonight for Rough N Rowdy, maybe the most anticipated fights we’ve ever had. The second I hear the name “Pac-Man Jones” I think of this old school Big East game between WVU and Miami. Kellen Winslow Jr and Pac-Man Jones going at it all game and it finally boiled over and Pac-Man decided he had enough. After one shove Jones tees off of Winslow and smokes him right in the face. Punching someone straight in the face mask isn’t a great plan, it’s actually pretty dumb. We’ve seen all the other Pac-Man fights but this is the one that sticks out to me. I can’t wait to watch Pac-Man vs Bobby tonight, it’s gonna to be an absolute must watch brawl.

Make sure you go to and get the fights now so you can have a front row seat to see him and Bobby go at it. Plus we got 19 other fights including my guy Chef Donny who will be serving up knuckle sandwiches to that tiktok scrub. Going to be an awesome night with some fantastic fights, hurry up and buy the fights NOW!