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Marco Scutaro (FULL CAREER)

You may be confused by Marco Scutaro so hopefully that clip helps because, buddy, I'm just as confused as you. Carl isn't a dummy with baseball. Also if the headline is confusing or wondering why it's weird like that, this should help too. 

I love the full movie bit so it's only fitting here. Hey, if Carl is going to give away an answer, I'm going to take it and his blog title. We're talking Marco Scutaro and his full career. Look at it again. 

Chief had Miguel Tejada right away. I was devastated. As you can see it was 8-8, they doubled. I'm man enough to admit baseball is my weakness, EXCEPT this. I'm a diehard Orioles fan. I still remember Miguel Tejada being traded to Houston - shout out Luke Scott. I still remember Tejada signing as a free agent with the Orioles and having to change his number from 4 to 10 - shout out Earl Weaver. Then a gift from Carl came in. Out of nowhere the words Marco Scutaro were mentioned. It's honestly a bit amazing that Carl even remembered the name. One of those 'oh yeah that guy' guys. 


Watch the full Dozen match here. It's legit a great match.