Power Move - The Person Who Paid $28 Million To Fly To Space With Jeff Bezos Backed Out Because They Are 'Too Busy' To Go

[Sun] - A MYSTERIOUS bidder who paid $28million to travel on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin rocket ship is now too busy to take the trip.

The anonymous ticket-holder was forced to cancel due to "scheduling conflicts," Blue Origin said in its latest announcement.

How do you recover from being the moron paying $28 million for an 11-minute trip to space with Jeff Bezos? You cancel on their ass. What a move. I get that when you're rich, $28 million is barely anything which is just absurd to say out loud. But if you have fuck you money and you wanna go to space, go ahead. However, I'm sick of hearing all these stories of people going to space. That's why I love this move by the guy. Oh Branson already made it there? Yeah, I'll take a rain check, gotta go get 36 in that day. I just hope we all find out what his scheduling conflict is because I really want it to be something like golf or simply didn't feel like making the trip. 

Maybe he came to his senses, because the trip doesn't sound that great. 11 minutes of small talk with Jeff Bezos where they are basically shooting a rocket up and then breaching out in a separate capsule to get to 'space.' Then they are just taking a quick glance at the scene and going back down. Don't we have google images for this shit? Nobody actually wants to go sightseeing, it's one of the most overrated things in the world. Don't get me wrong, I'll look at it, but I'm not wasting a whole day just staring at like the Empire State Building. You walk by it, you maybe take the trip up to the top and then you call it a day of sightseeing. Bam all knocked out in about an hour. The fact is everything you see, you can just see on google images these days. Gone are the days of needing to explain to someone how awesome it was in person*. 

*This excludes stadiums. You go to games and experience stadiums. That's the only thing that still holds up. 

Just goes to show you, rich or poor, canceling plans is a great feeling.