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The Internet Is Torn Over If You Get A Quick Layup After Missing A Shot While Shooting Around


This is the biggest debate on the internet right now. I haven't seen the internet this divided since we were arguing what color that purple dress was. The debate? After missing a shot while shooting around, do you get a layup under the basket before the next player shoots? Personally, being from Maryland, I had never seen that once in my life. But some people are losing their freakin' minds about it. Some people are saying it's the only way it's done:






While others like myself have never heard of that their my life, but it seems to be a very regional thing:





So as far as I can tell, people who grew up in Mass and areas of New York do this weird "pass for the layup" thing. Everyone else in the world has never seen it before.






Like saying you're standing "on line" instead of "in line" like the rest of the country, I have a feeling people are going to die on the hill of getting a layup, while the rest of the country sighs and shakes our heads with disappointment. You miss, the ball goes to the next person. Team no layups.