Antoine Walker's Daughter + The Future Of Softball...Checking Out The Absolutely Loaded Barstool Athletes Inc (So Far)

Yesterday, how we viewed NCAA athletes changed forever thanks to the introduction of allowing players to benefit off of their NIL. 

Then, one simple video from Dave later, Barstool became a major force in that change.

This video from the pool outside Dave's house in Montauk birthed Barstool Athletics....and the applications started rolling in. Tens of thousands of athletes applied. The first athlete that kicked this whole thing off? Addie Halverson from Jacksonville State...

The volleyball star already boasts more than 30k followers on Instagram and will only grow more by the time you've read this blog.

Look at her growth:


Then came Oregon basketball player Sydney Parrish:

She already has over 150k followers on TikTok:

While we are talking about TikTok....Lauren Burke from Texas? She is just 20,000 followers shy of 400k on TikTok!

She was one of the biggest athletes to be signed right away.

Another athlete with over 100k on Instagram? Introducing Antoine Walker's daughter Alana:



Some other players of note....

Audrey Weiss of Notre Dame:

Collin Gillespie:

Kaitlyn Walsh from Buffalo with a smooth 38k on Instagram:


Nolan Turner from Clemson:

Madison Byrne from Oswego State:


Macy Clem from Alabama:

Kennedy Lynch from VT:


Mercy McCarthy from Deleware:

Maddie Olsonn from EMU:


Gianna from Rutgers...JERSEY STAND UP:

MIkayla Lantto:


Tori Hampton from George Washington:

Thayer Munford, a future NFL Left Tackle:


Iowa State OL Sean Foster:

NIck Starkel, who has been in college FOREVER:

4-star Class Of 2020 OT Tate Ratledge from Georgia:

This is only the start. Barstool Athletes Inc. is going to be massive. Once we get through all the applications and have a full roster of athletes there are unlimited possibilities for us and the athletes. It's the perfect marriage. I can't wait to see what comes of it, but I do know one thing: it's gonna be HUGE. People like this? They don't get it. Let them sleep.