5 Years Later I Still Cannot Believe Kelly Olynyk Didn't Close Kevin Durant

Has it really been 5 years since the famous Kevin Durant Hamptons recruiting trip? Christ, where has the time gone. The Celts were coming off a 48 win season and just drafted Jaylen. For the first time basically in a lot of our lifetimes, they finally had max money to throw at an elite free agent. Isaiah just had his first All Star season, we were still blessed with the James Young era, and it wasn't totally insane yet that Ainge picked Olynyk over Giannis because Giannis hadn't even made an All Star game at that point. What a time to be alive.

I'll never forget the feeling I had when I learned that Ainge & Co were sending Tom Brady to help. Who could deny Tom Brady? That's what we all said to ourselves. To make matters worse, KD even said afterwards that after meeting Brady he was ready to commit. As we know, he did the exact opposite. I don't think anyone could blame him for deciding to join the goddamn Warriors and Steph Curry, but for the last 5 years I have wondered what the hell went on in that recruitment meeting. How did Durant feel looking across the table and seeing a core of Isaiah/Crowder/Smart/Olynyk compared to the superteam in GS? I mean I know he probably laughed with all his friends after the Celts left the room but all I want is for everyone to get together and talk about that meeting. 

Think of how much has gone on for everyone involved since that 2016 meeting. KD got his rings but everyone calls him a snake and that he didn't even really earn it. Then on the Celts side they end up with Horford, draft Tatum, trade for Kyrie, that becomes a disaster and KD/Kyrie ultimately end up in Brooklyn. Do they still draft Tatum if they have Jaylen/Durant? Do they even pursue Gordon Hayward? Do we see the development of Tatum/Brown if that doesn't happen? If they don't bring in Hayward, who do they go after with that max money? Do they trade for Kyrie? If so, if Kyrie and Durant are already in Boston, does that entire era look different? So many "what ifs" it'll make your head spin. God damn you Kelly Olynyk. It's not even your fault, a rational person understands this, but still what the hell. 

On the Durant side, who knows if he wins his elusive ring, but I'd say the chances would be as good as any. He then avoids all the bullshit that came with his GS era. His perception is entirely different. I'm pretty sure he's happy with his decision, it seemed to work out for him, but man a guy can dream. 

I think deep down what made that 2016 meeting sting the most is the fact that it was the second time the Celts missed out on Durant. The first came in 2007, but that ultimately worked out. To be honest I would have rather the Celts had no shot and not even been granted a meeting than learning they were ultimately in Durant's Final 2. For all we know the entire history of the NBA is different. The legacy of Steph Curry is most definitely different. Maybe Harden/Paul already have a ring. 

OK, I need to stop. This isn't healthy. Crazy that it's been 5 years though, this feels like a lifetime ago.