Dylan Bundy Just Puked His Brains Out All Over The Mound At Yankee Stadium

There's nothing worse than trying to push through a 50/50 puke situation in public. For us that's typically ripping a shot we really didn't need at the bar after a long night of drinking. For Dylan Bundy today that was pitching in a Major League Baseball game on a 90+ degree day in NYC. The Angels pitcher had to have known from the beginning of the inning that it was sitting in his throat ready to come out. Such a terribly helpless feeling where you gotta try and take it one breath at a time. Except each breath you're intaking the worst humidity known to man. If you were outside today in the city you wanted to die. 

Dude had one more out to go and he was home free in the dugout to avoid a public scene, but he had no shot realistically. Bundy had sweat dripping off the brim of his cap like a goddamn waterfall as if he was Reuben Feffer at an ethnic restaurant. Boot and rally time, except no rally in this story. 

Best part of this was Kevin Durant's reaction. Everyone in the stands was grossed out and here's KD thoroughly entertained. Guy to his right wasn't having any of it but KD couldn't take his eyes off the dude throwing up his brains out on the ol' diamond. 

My question now is whether puke can be considered a sticky substance. You tell me Manfred. 

P.S. Kinda bullshit Bundy came out because I think the Yankees put up a good amount of runs on him. Now they'll get held to 2 and lose in typical fashion.