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Buckle Up Mets Fans, Jacob deGrom Is Officially Starting Game 1 Of Tonight's Doubleheader

So there it is, straight from the Twitter fingers of Mr. Met. The best pitcher in the universe takes the bump tonight against the Atlanta Braves, which means anything is possible at Citi Field. A perfecto, a no-hitter, a game straight out of Little League where the star pitcher does everything himself by throwing a shutout and driving himself in as the only run of the game. Or something not as great that I won't even speak into the universe by typing it because we only put positive vibes into the world. 

deGrom Days went from being a pure joy after he made his deal with the devil to become the best pitcher in baseball to torture as the Mets simply refused to win his games to mental warfare as you watch utter brilliance on the mound while also looking for any slight flex or twist by someone at the absolute zenith of his powers. The Baseball Gods have blessed us with two 7 game innings tonight, so here's to hoping it's an easy, breezy outing for Jake so the Mets can take this already impressive stat to 7 weeks.