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Mayor Lightfoot Throws A Haymaker At The Chicago Bears

So the Bears have put a bid in to buy the land where Arlington Park currently resides. 

Here's the announcement:

And here's what it'd look like from a bird's eye view out in Arlington Heights:

Truthfully, I wouldn't hate the move. There are only 8 home games a year + the playoffs. That's doable from anywhere in the city if you go to every game. Yeah, I'd HATE that Arlington Park would be no more, as I'm a horse owner (nbd) and love that place, but if it's going to be replaced with anything, replace it with a state of the art entertainment complex that can host Final 4s, the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, etc. It'd also mean there's a plot of land in the South Loop ripe for the plucking for the White Sox. Can you imagine a brand new stadium for the White Sox where you can hit balls into the lake with the skyline immediately behind CF? They'd become a destination franchise. 

Anyways, Mayor Lightfoot didn't take too kindly to the Bears' announcement:

We want the organization to focus on putting a winning team on the field, beating the Packers finally and being relevant past October.

Wow. I hate the phrase "shots fired" but this was Mayor Lightfoot taking an Uzi and blasting Ted Phillips and the McCaskeys right in the face GTA style…. and it was also a clean shot. I also laughed. Say what you want about Mayor Lightfoot, but that last quote was absolutely hilarious.

Oh and btw… lot of people asking me to ban Justin Fields because he said he's gonna root for both the Sox and Cubs:

And to that I say he gets a pass. He's not from here, he doesn't actually give a shit if either team wins or loses. So… he gets a pass. Just beat the fucking Packers and be our QB for the next 10+ years. Please. Please god please. Fuck Aaron Rodgers