A 12-Team Playoff Is Great For College Football And You’re An Absolute Moron If You Disagree

As a College Football diehard I am ECSTATIC for the potential of a 12 team playoff. This is overall great for the sport and I’m going to explain exactly why right now. 

1) It keeps more teams invested deeper into the season

2) It gives the smaller conferences/teams that aren’t Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State a seat at the table that they were never gonna have in the old format 

3) You turn major six bowl games from consolation games where half the star players opt out into meaningful win or go home playoff games. Imagine last years Cotton Bowl between Florida and Oklahoma where Florida’s entire offense opted out? That would be an incredible game to watch with both at full strength and their seasons on the line. Would create some incredible cross-conference matchups AND they would have meaning.

4) It doesn’t devalue the regular season at all because you are still fighting for seeding, byes and home field advantage. 

5) It brings a ton of value to winning your conference which again is another reason why this doesn’t devalue the regular season

6) I understand the counter argument that it’s the same teams that win every year anyway so why invite more teams? I believe all of the above silences that argument. With a 4 team playoff 85% of college football teams never even had a chance from the start. You wanna talk about devaluing the regular season? It’s devalued when it‘s the same 6-7 teams fighting for 4 spots every year. Lets give more teams a real shot to make a run at this thing.

 A 12 team playoff is a win for the teams, players and fans. You’ve corrected some major flaws in the current system. More meaningful games is better for the sport, period. The argument that the same teams win every year anyway is lazy and stupid. Who cares if the same teams keep winning? We will have evolutions in the sport and we will have teams rise and fall over time. We’re taking back big bowl season. We’re fixing a big part of the opt out problem. This is absolutely good for college football.