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This Twitter Thread Of All The Dumb Lies LeBron Told Over His Career Is Art At Its Finest

I'm always skeptical about these Twitter threads. It's relatively easy to put a question out there and get to be semi-viral by asking an open-ended question. But this? This is art at its finest. I'll admit it's not as good as the guy comparing NBA players to porn stars, but it's up there. 

But this is why I love Twitter. It's simple, it's classic, it's uniting a bunch of people together. We got a bunch of people putting all of the dumb, absurd lies LeBron said during his career. It made me laugh, which is all I ask for. It didn't even require photoshops. Just a simple time of somebody seeing an innocent tweet and ran with it. That's the beauty of Twitter. You never know when you can come across one of these. Let's look at some of the best. 

I know the book ones get all the attention and rightfully so, but the Kobe story is still my favorite. The one of him predicting he'd score 70 before the game against the Raptors. No you didn't. Nobody predicts someone is going to get at least 70. Just fucking outrageous. Same with the Suggs shot. But that's LeBron. I do love how dumb some of these lies are. There's no reason to lie about any of them but he did. The broken hand sticks out too. Totally not an excuse guy, but let me slap this on and talk about all the excuses. They say perfect threads don't exist, this one challenges that.