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Valorant Is Coming To Mobile

This is certainly an interesting piece of news that was never on my radar. Intense games like CS:GO (Counter Strike) and Valorant are never expected to come to mobile games.

In the past, we saw Fortnite join the mobile scene and that was a massive success on all accounts. But Fortnite had a much different age demographic and game-style than Valorant which raises some questions for me. If done properly, this game could absolutely dominate the mobile market, however my biggest fear is that the game is too complex for mobile.

Most of you may not know this, but Call of Duty released a mobile game that was actually incredibly well-done. It brought a bunch've nostalgia maps and guns together for a very smooth gaming experience. Call of Duty is much simpler than Valorant. Valorant relies on precise movement and crosshair placement to excel at the game. On the other hand, CoD is very forgiving when it comes to aiming/centering. 

I'm sure Riot Devs have thought this through to make the game very playable with a mobile device. I'm very curious to see a first look at gameplay. I'll be keeping a close eye out on release date and how the gameplay feels/looks. Maybe I'll even become a full-time Valorant mobile streamer at this point - who knows!

But in the meantime, I have a lot of work to do to get better at Valorant....a LOT of work....