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It's Absolutely Insane That The Tampa Bay Rays Don't Wear These Uniforms Full Time

I am prepared to write a strongly worded letter to the owner of the Tampa Bay Rays screaming at him for not wearing these uniforms full-time. They may be the best jerseys in baseball, how can you only trot these out a few times a year? They're so awesome. The old school "Devil Rays" across the front in that color scheme? Goodness gracious. They're sexual, they're a fantastic  throwback, they're just so awesome. The hat itself is an A+, and the white pants with the jersey looks so clean. Something about the green, blue, and yellow in the script just make them pop. 

These were the original home uniforms from 1998 when they came into the league, and obviously they removed the word "Devil" from the team name, but there was no need to change the uniform at all. And while we're at it, bring back the "Devil Rays" name, it's a type of ray for gods sake! They only wore them for a few years before switching to that gross green. I will never understand it. Those uniforms scream Tampa Bay, they scream a team from Florida. Out of all the mistakes this franchise has made this may be the worst ones. You want to win over some fans after you play in a piece of shit ballpark? Wear these uniforms more than 3 times in a season, make them the default home uniforms. 

Their whole '90s theme day is pretty cool, but it would be even cooler if they just did it all year around. Not like they have a longstanding traditional uniform, they aren't the Yankees pinstripes or the Dodgers blue, just have some fun and give us these awesome uniforms every home game. It's not even like the Rays uniforms now are bad, they're not, but these are too good not to have in a normal rotation. You shouldn't ever lose a game in these unis. Can you imagine if they broke these out in a playoff game? Kevin Cash for sure lets Blake Snell go longer if he's in these Devil Ray jerseys.