The Diamondbacks Helped a Guy Spy on His Friend's Date in the Twitter Thread of the Year

There are too many individual tweets to embed them all, but click that link and you can go see the whole thread.

What started as a guy trying to be funny and get eyes on his friend's date at a Diamondbacks game has turned into a relationship that I believe I speak for all of America when I say we are invested in heavily. I want these two to get married at Chase Field.

And to think none of this would have been possible if this possible psychopath didn't have his location turned on his phone to let his buddy know where he is at all times — I'm staunchly opposed to this behavior, except in this instance where it gave us all such an enjoyable story.

The Dbacks got clobbered 14-6 by the Rockies, but literally nobody cares because 1) it's NL West baseball in May and 2) this game produced the love story of a generation. Every once in a while, the internet is good.

As I said, these two need to get married. If this couple can't make it, love isn't real.