Anthony Hopkins Shocks The World And Takes The Oscar For Best Actor Over Chadwick Boseman

So tonight was pretty strange towards the end of the night. Everything was going EXTREMELY predictably. Like, almost too predictable. Then, something happened. They switched the traditional order of Best Actress -> Best Actor -> Best Picture in favor of having Best Picture -> Best Actress -> Best Actor. That was pretty fuckin weird. 

Nomadland won best picture, which was expected.

But then Frances McDormand won best actress. If you asked most experts, they had Carey Mulligan as the odds on favorite with Viola Davis in the mix. McDormand winning was a bit of a shocker, but whatever. 

Then, we get to best actor. Boseman has been the odds on favorite for a while. I've mentioned this on the pod before and in some blogs, but I know that there are probably people that either out loud or in their heads think that he got this win because he passed. Respectfully, I disagree. If you watch the movie, you'll see that he poured his heart and soul into the role of Levee, and it really came through. Boseman's real life struggle is almost reflected in the character, so it just feels deeper watching it and knowing what he was going through.

The thought process a lot of people had was that the re-arrangement was because they wanted to honor Boseman with a posthumous win.

But then Anthony Hopkins swoops in for the W!! And the motherfucker isn't even in the building! 

It's surprising, but not undeserved. Hopkins was unbelievably good in 'The Father' and very deserving of a win. But that doesn't mean we can't be surprised as shit.