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Portland State's New Coach Doesn't Eat Breakfast So He Can 'Get To Work Hungry', Drives A Car With No AC/Heat For Mental Toughness

Alright step aside everyone, we found the true basketball guy. This is peak basketball guy, makes football guy look weak. Breakfast? Never heard of such a thing. Lunch is slept on, the man just wants to eat a ham sandwich. He doesn't give a shit about your scrambled eggs or pancakes or waffles. He's got a Portland State program to build here. He wants to be hungry for work and lunch. That's how you start building up Portland State. That's how you turn this thing around. But that won't do enough.

 You want to make an NCAA Tournament, you drive a 2003 Tahoe with no AC or heat. Mental toughness. Crazy? Absolutely. Car A/C is essential. It's a top A/C. Getting in your car in a hot day and that A/C kicks in, it just slaps different. I remember when my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo's A/C stopped working. Not fun. If it rained on a hot summer day you had a decision to make. You either soak yourself in sweat or rain. I miss that car. Even when the antenna randomly fell off and the radio barely worked. Thank God for burnt CD's. I know we have Spotify these days, but I miss burning a quality CD. You had to make a decision on 11-12 songs and that was it. You couldn't miss on one of those or your friends would be livid and start flipping through the CD book for something new. 

Now this is Jase Coburn's first Division I head coaching job. He's been at Portland State since 2013. I'm sold. Portland State is now the favorite in the Big Sky for this reason and this reason alone. Ultimate basketball guy.