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Corbin Burnes is Putting Up Video Game Numbers That We've Never Actually Seen Before From a Starting Pitcher

Gregory Bull. Shutterstock Images.

It's time we have a conversation about what Corbin Burnes is doing up in Milwaukee these days. The Brewers right hander has made four starts with the same result: the hitters have no fucking chance. In each start he's struck out at least 9 batters while walking zero. 4 starts. 40 strikeouts. Zero walks. ERA 0.37. What in the world.

It's something straight out of a video game when you have the difficulty too low, except this is real life, and it's never happened before. No starting pitcher has started a season with back to back 9k+ 0 BB outings. Burnes has done that in FOUR consecutive starts. This DeGrom tidbit is crazy when you think about what Corbin Burnes has accomplished. 

Coming off a really nice 2020 in the shortened season, Burnes has figured out this pitching thing and doesn't plan on letting up. Dude is FILTHY. He's got the second highest spin rate in baseball and it shows. No one can pick up his shit. 

40 strikeouts by a starting pitcher to begin a season without walking anyone is an MLB record. He's just 11 punch outs shy from Kenley Jansen for the overall pitching mark. I think my favorite part about this run is what Burnes has done when the count gets to 3 balls. He attacks and he wins. 

The man has become must watch television if you're a baseball fan. For years I've never really given the Brewers a shot because of their weak, no-name starting pitching (pot call the kettle black with the Yankees I know shut up). Well with Woodruff and Burnes at the top, it's time to take these guys seriously. That's as good of a 1-2 (not counting Dodgers) in baseball. 

Also sorry Cubs fans, had to throw this in here to wrap things up. I thought my guys on the Yankees were struggling at the plate.