Johnny Bananas Proved Blowing On Video Games Is The STILL The Easiest Fix To Any Problem In The World

First thing's first, ignore that monstrosity of a human to the left. Good God.

That's someone who is ready to grab his nicest cargo pants to go argue with some Little League umpires or put on a hat, sunglasses and record a selfie video in his truck that will get every Aunt on Facebook WET. But Johnny Bananas came through the Four Loko Gametime room with the lads and managed to break the 25-year-old N64 not once, but TWICE...and still managed to fix it both times. How? The power of the blow. It does, has, and forever shall work. 

As for everything else, well, let's just say Johnny didn't get his Bananas wet enough to keep up with this on the sticks. 

T's and P's to Cancun '06, though. She sounds lovely. Full video ahoy. 

It's ok as Bananas is still grown man who has the ability to build forts with his friends every weekend after Saturday Night Live on Celebrity Sleepover. Talk about living the dream. 

Gracias to the gracious Johnny Bananas for stopping by. Dude is legitimately awesome. As for now, Mrags and I dance in Verdansk in the afternoon before Honk and PFT hop on for some LATE NIGHT Warzone action. Stay tuned.