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The TikTok World Was Set On Fire Last Night By Dave, Alex Cooper, Josh Richards, Nessa, And Jaden

You may remember two weeks ago that BFFs pod had a massive episode after cheating rumors surfaced surrounding co-host Josh Richards and his (then) girlfriend Nessa. Assuming not all of you are as deep into the TikTok drama game as I am, let me set the scene for you by detailing a few relationships:

Mads Lewis was dating Jaden Hossler. 

Nessa Barrett was dating Josh Richards, co-host of the BFFs pod with Dave.

Mads Lewis and Nessa Barrett were best friends.

Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler were best friends.

Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett made a song together. 

At first it didn't seem like much, just two TikTok stars making a song together, but then, at some point in late-March/early-April it became more than that. Mads Lewis made it seem as if Nessa broke her and Jaden up:

This appeared to be news to Josh, who was beat up knowing that his girl may have cheated on him with his best friend (even if it wasn't cheating, if your ex gets with your best friend, that kinda sucks).

Since this BFFs episode, it's been pretty quiet. Mads and Nessa subtweeted each other while Josh and Jaden's friendship kind of seemed over....then today happened.

Jaden and Nessa IG posts:

Nessa posted this photo above with the caption "so happy rn." Jaden commented:

This, of course, caused a stir.

Call Her Daddy Promo

Last night at 10, Alex released the promo for her Wednesday pod with previously mentioned TikTok star Mads Lewis. I must say the promo was fantastic because it not only made it seem like a must-watch, but it may have blew up the TikTok world completely. If it isn't clear, Mads spills "all the tea" on what happened between her and Jaden. She even brought up how she logged into his iPad to get the information. Psycho shit.

Jaden and Nessa Dinner:

Jaden and Nessa were seen out at dinner together and made it very apparent that they were very happy together. You could even see them holding hands in the video, which has since been deleted.

You may be thinking is that TikTok star wearing a Dale Jr. jacket? Yes, she is. The NASCAR jackets are in style with the TikTok youth. Somehow they turned blue-collar fashion into hype beast fits. Crazy stuff, I know.

The Reaction:

Dave and Josh are together in Miami right now. Gruen (manager/agent of sorts for Josh & other stars) and Griffin Johnson are there too. They all saw what unfolded together while they were out at dinner and let's just say Dave welcomed Jaden to the mud:

Griffin Johnson, one of Josh's friends and big TikTok star, said this:

Gruen tweeted out a damn bible verse:

Gruen went to absolute war for his guy Josh:

Jaden Live

Jaden hopped on IG live, which 60k concurrent people watched at once. I'd link some videos, but the go to source for TikTok drama, @TikTokRoom on IG, has just been deleted off of Instagram. Did Jaden & Nessa have anything to do with it? Who knows.

Here is a moment from the Jaden live where he makes it abundantly clear he wants NOTHING to do with the mud:

That's where we stand right now. The TikTok world is on fire right now and what match lit the fire? Barstool Sports…and the teenagers are yelling Go Pres Go in the comments!