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Paul Pierce Is Out At ESPN Which Means It's Time To Join The Pirate Ship

Well I don't think anyone is surprised that this happened. The second Pierce realized he wasn't on FaceTime with his friends but was instead on IG live broadcasting to the entire internet, his days were numbered. If you aren't exactly sure what happened, first of all where have you been, but you can catch up here

I won't tell ESPN how to run their business, they are doing a fine job becoming irrelevant all by themselves. Instead, I'll focus on Pierce's next move. It's pretty simple if you ask me.

Hop onboard the pirate ship


Considering Paul Pierce is my favorite Celtic of all time, I need this to happen more than I need air to breathe. Let's get Perk on the line too and bring those two together over a microphone under the Barstool umbrella. It would be the honor of a lifetime to be able to call him a coworker. It makes so much sense I'm getting giddy just thinking about it. Who knows if we would ever interact (I can only dream), but just the sheer possibility it might one day happen is good enough for me. If you think his basketball takes were wild when he was at ESPN, just wait until he's allowed to say whatever the hell he wants. 

If for some odd reason that doesn't become a reality (it needs to), I would also be down for Pierce to possibly join the Celts bench for the stretch run. I'd absolutely love his voice in the locker room. As one of the best clutch time players ever, I can only see the positive of having him in Tatum and Brown's ear during a playoff run. It's impossible to not respect Paul Pierce and he could be just the thing the young guys need to help turn this season around.

But seriously, Paul Pierce and Barstool were meant for each other. The stars are aligning and it just flat out needs to happen. It's too perfect.