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Paul Pierce Brought The Strip Club To His House And Showed It Off On Instagram Live

When I reach for the phone in the morning it’s like opening a mystery box or a portal into another dimension. I never quite know what’s going to be on the other side. The six hours of real world sleep I just woke up from is about a year in internet time. And buddy what a year it was for P-Double last night.

More-so than just Paul Pierce, this video is a textbook example of the Olds having no idea how the internet works. This is Pauly Two Phones. This is the guy who tweeted a picture of an emoji rather than just the emoji. There’s no doubt in my mind Paul thought this would be seen by only his pals and confidants. That screen recording isn’t a technology that exists. That it wouldn't start trending on Twitter IMMEDIATELY.

Should anyone truly care? Of course not. Genuinely who gives a fuck. Will his boss Mickey Mouse care a shit ton? You better believe it. “NBA player smoking and drinking with scantily clad women abound” is about the same story as “NBA player shoots basketball” in terms of how frequently each scenario occurs. But Paul feeling like a family member showing you a part of his life you really never needed to see is what elevates this from a nothing situation to arguably the high point of the Celtics season.