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Maryland Is A Dead Basketball Program And It's All Mark Turgeon's Fault

Will Newton. Getty Images.


I can't take this anymore. Maryland basketball is dead. It's been the same thing for the last decade- good recruiting classes, nothing to show for it, and everyone saying "just give them one more season". And guess what happens the next season? Nothing. Zero. Not a fucking thing. 

Maryland has made a grand total of ONE Sweet 16 under Mark Turgeon. And that was with the #2 ranked pre-season team, and we got blown out by 16 in that game. That's it. That's everything he has to show for himself. But for some reason, people will dive into traffic to defend this guy. It's LUNACY. 

The bar shouldn't be so low that we now clap at "at least we made the tournament". That's the goal now? To make the tournament??? Fucking every team with a pulse makes the tournament these days. You realize when you say "this team overachieved and shouldn't even be in the tournament" you are making my argument for me? The team is so bad because of Mark Turgeon. He didn't even bother recruiting a point guard. No center. Hasn't made an in-game adjustment since 1995. He simply is not a high-level coach. He's just not. 

Getting run out of the gym by Nate Oats should be a wake-up call to the people who say "well who should replace him?" Let's start with the guy who went from Buffalo to Alabama and turned Bama into a basketball school. We can start there. And I'm no guru, but I can guarantee there are several other coaches just like him if we look hard enough. Why would we keep the same mediocrity around…out of laziness? 

Maryland hoops is a disgrace compared to what I knew of it growing up. If Maryland fans are fine with being a perennial double-digit seed and "just happy to be here", give Turgeon a life-long contract. But if we want Maryland hoops to be a real threat again, it's time for him to go.