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Last Night Post Malone Covered Sturgill Simpson with Dwight Yoakam's Band And Hit It Out Of The Park

Saving Country Music- Sunday evening (3-21) Matthew McConaughey assembled a huge swath of talent for a streaming benefit concert for Texas to help raise funds after the crippling winter storm a few weeks ago. Quite a few country music personalities appeared, including George Strait who performed “Troubadour,” Kacey Musgraves who sang Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again,” and Willie Nelson whosang “Beautiful Texas.” Miranda Lambert appeared as well, singing her old hit “Heart Like Mine.”

But perhaps the highlight of the entire night came at the very end when Post Malone appeared. Getting into the Texas theme (or at least, a country one), Post Malone threw everyone for a curve ball by borrowing Dwight Yoakam’s band, and busted out a few country songs, starting with the Brad Paisley tune “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)” from 2002. Co-written by Paisley with Frank Rogers, it was most certainly not what folks were expecting from Post Malone.

Then the tat-faced one did himself one better by lighting into Sturgill Simpson’s “You Can Have The Crown” as the credits for the benefit began rolling. And remember, Dwight Yoakam’s touring band was behind him, and Post Malone and crew absolutely murdered the song that up until a few months ago Sturgill Simpson had retired from his repertoire.

So first off this cover was fucking awesome which comes as a surprise to no one.

Secondly, word on the music streets is that Post Malone has been working on a country project for some time now. Kind of behind the scenes but kind of not. At first people laughed, and the country hipster crowd got pissed at the thought of their beloved genre being further exploited. 

But then Post released Hollywood Is Bleeding featuring a cast of featured artists from all over the musical spectrum and showcasing his talent in an array of genres. 

Then he started releasing and leaking covers, of everything from Fly Me To The Moon to All Apologies and people started realizing the guy has real talent. 

Then he did an entire tribute show to Nirvana and even his biggest detractors had to admit that Post Malone can fuckin sing just about anything.

There's a reason Sturgill Simpson is on the record that he would be up for collaborating with Post Malone at some point in the future on an instrumental album. Talent recognizes talent. 

Post Malone and Billy Strings are good friends often seen hanging out together. Post Malone is always citing Tyler Childers and Colter Wall as two of his personal favorite musicians so a country album makes all the sense in the world. Hopefully we get it.

p.s.- Post's best covers