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This Pizza Delivery Guy Being Confused As Hell When He Wandered Into A Soccer Arena Mid-Match Is An All-Time Moment

Middle of an Europa League game in Spain and we have one of the best food moments you'll see. This delivery kid wandering into the arena as a player is getting some assistance after an injury (a likely flop, I didn't watch the match) and the moment hits him. Straight up confusion. Think we all can agree that's not regular ass stadium food either. That's two medium pepperoni pizzas and a coke. A standard order for some people. Personally I'd go with two larges and maybe toss in some sausage and bacon on one of those bad boys, but the point stands. That's a pizza delivery order. The moment he comes out of the shadows and those standing there turn their head in confusion as well is an iconic moment. It's like the Chappelle Show 'great moments in hookup history' just for food delivery instead. I know there's a theory that he's coming in for the halftime show, but it's at the 20 minute mark. That pizza ain't staying warm for at least 25-30 minutes. He has the same facial expression as Donald Glover in Community just without the fire

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The look of panic he has for that split second when he starts looking around the arena is something I think we all can relate to. Sure, we haven't wandered into a professional soccer arena, but we've all wandered into the wrong spot once or twice in our lives. Feel like it typically happens freshman year of college when you have zero clue where the fuck you are walking. One wrong turn and you're sitting in a Calc class you weren't expecting. Gonna need a whole report on what happened with this kid and this pizza. 

PS: If this was just a play for him to sneak into the arena to watch the match without paying, put him in some sort of Hall of Fame. Man of genius.