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The Barstool Fund - The Saddle Room

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The Saddle Room, boasting a unique equestrian theme, is ideal for group outings, private functions and events thanks to its multiple dining rooms, lounge area, outdoor patio and special track room. The restaurant epitomizes rustic decor with an upscale edge.



Reader Email

We have owned a neighborhood saloon since August 1, 1977 and I have worked there since March 1, 1974. It is a small 20 stool saloon with a back bbq patio area. We sponsor women's softball, men's golf tournaments and do a once a year golf fundraiser, Friends of Kids (which is a non-profit organization we set up 30 years ago. We donate 100% of the funds received through our raffle, to local grammar and public high schools athletic programs, disabled children and local non profit organizations). This would have been our 31st year, but we had to cancel due to Covid 19.

We have spent thousands of dollars implementing all of the Covid 19 protocols required, including air purifiers, hand sanitizers, temperature checks along with face masks requirements. We still have our utilities, rent, insurance, along with loan payments and licensing fees to pay monthly. It's really been difficult to keep up. We have used half of our retirement savings in order to keep the business.

We have a very loyal work force who have continued to support me during this difficult time. Our patrons are locals in our community, of all ages. They stop by often to let me know how much they miss the place and the camaraderie of visiting with their friends, family and co-workers.