The Dark History Behind the Charmin Bears' Society and Why They're Obsessed With Wiping

Man, I did not expect to be spending this snow day obsessing over a potential reason the Charmin bears live in a society so obsessed with wiping their asses, but here we sit.

Now, if we are assuming this entire society acts as the bears in the commercials do, then this explanation could be spot-on. But are we just immediately discounting the fact that the family of bears we see is just a bunch of nut jobs? I find it equally plausible we have been introduced to a bear family with a history of obsessive-compulsive disorder leading to an unhealthy fascination with wiping as that this entire bear society suffered a massive cholera outbreak.

But if we are to take this theory at face value, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more likely explanation than this one. A worldwide cholera outbreak would be a solid reason for an entire population to have such a seemingly ridiculous obsession with having clean asses — not that everybody shouldn't want a clean ass, but these bears take it to an extreme.

And after doing a little bit of research, I can confirm that there is evidence that other terrible events seem to have taken place in this universe. I'll let another Reddit user explain.

I did not recall this particular ad, but it turns out this is entirely accurate.

So if there is airport security in the Charmin Cinematic Universe, it stands to reason that there very well could have been a cholera outbreak that wiped out millions of bears, leading to the cleanliness-obsessed society we see today. It's a cold world out there, man.