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I would push this old man down the stairs and not think twice about it


To be clear, this isn't a threat, it's a fantasy. I want to bang a super model, and I want to push that old man down a flight of stairs and hear each and every one of his bones break. These fucking old head billionaires, I swear to fucking god. They finally got beat at their own game and they went in and changed the rules. This is as simple as it is:

The rules were in place. You could short at stock, or you could buy it. We chose to buy it. Wall Street chose to short it. And then when Wall Street lost, they took away our option to buy it. They changed the rules on the fly because they got caught shorting stocks and the public bought them instead. Wall Street didn't realize we could do that so now instead of taking their lumps like we've been taking FOR YEARS, they are manipulating the system in their favor. It HAS to be illegal. It seems so impossible that it's not.

There was no way to see this coming because it's never been done before. The rules have always been the rules. Nobody could predict Robinhood and 98% of other trading platforms would simply hit the off switch on trading, spitting in their customers faces. 

And that fucking scumbag Steve Cohen. If I could toss someone else down the stairs, it'd be him. 



The absolute shit eating balls to state "trading is a tough game" when you have the power to tilt any and all trades in your favor regardless of what side you're on. It'd be like if your favorite football team had the ball on the 2 yard line, and then the other team decided nah, WE have the ball on the 2 yard line. You'd certainly be saying what the fuck do you mean, that's not how the game is played. But there's nothing you can do about it because they own the ball, the field, and the stadium. It's fucking madness.

There's still hope though. I'm not selling. What an insanely corrupt day. You know it's a fucked world when this exists: