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The Barstool Fund - Marandola's (Bradley Beach, NJ)

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Owner Mark Marandola has travelled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe, bringing fresh ideas and inspiration to his work. Now, he is fulfilling his lifelong dream of opening up his own restaurant. Located at the Jersey Shore, Marandola’s is the culmination of that dream.


Reader Email

My name is Mark Marandola, the owner of Marandolas restaurant in Bradley Beach, NJ.  I have been in the restaurant business since 1983 and always had a dream to open my own restaurant.  This dream finally came true in 2017 when my wife and I opened Marandolas. Unfortunately, in April of this year, while dealing with all the turmoil surrounding running the business during COVID, I also lost my wife after a long battle with cancer.  As you can imagine, this has been a devastating year for me and my family.

Marandolas is a 64 seat BYOB Italian restaurant located on main street.  Currently, the 25% indoor restriction allows us to seat only 16 people.  Bradley Beach is considered mainly a seasonal town, and although we are usually quite busy in the summer, this year the COVID restrictions meant that we lost the seats we could use inside and only had seating available outside. 

Usually the summer profits, cover the long winter losses, but this year our profit margin was hit badly even though we have tried every way to keep the business running including advertising our takeout menu and adding items in order to attract different clientele.

Currently, the restaurant is open five nights a week and I have been able to pay my employees and cover my food costs.  However, I have not been able to cover the other expenses including rent, gas, electricity and insurance.  Also, to support the business I stopped taking a pay check for myself.

Despite these challenges, we have always helped those in need.  During COVID, we provided 1200 meals to the local hospital staff and next week, we are feeding 100 homeless people for the holidays. 

We have enough funds to get through January 2021, and I am only asking for help with the shortfall of $4,700 each month for February, March and April.  By then I believe, with the warmer weather and the return of snow birds to the Jersey Shore, we will become self sufficient again. 

I will return any money that is not used.

Thank you for your consideration


Mark Marandola