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Hearing That Kawhi Leonard's Famous Apple Story Is False Is Like Finding Out That Santa Claus Isn't Real

At least I think this is what it feels like to learn that Santa isn't real. Seeing as how I'm more of a Hanukkah man myself, I never believed in Santa. In fact, when I was an asshole little kid in first grade I used to tell all my friends who celebrated Christmas that Santa wasn't real. I got in a lottttttttttt of trouble for that. My friends would go home crying to their parents, they would hit up the Greenie house phone and my parents were none too pleased. They couldn't have their little jewish boy going around telling all his classmates that Santa wasn't real and it was just their parents buying them presents. It was a whole ordeal.

So after watching that clip from Kawhi, I imagine this is how my friends felt. They wanted to believe in Santa the same way I want to believe that Kawhi Leonard showed up to a team dinner and ate a shit ton of apples with a fork and knife while declaring it was "apple time". It's the perfect Kawhi story to the point that I refuse to accept his denial. Maybe he's embarrassed and since his AI software probably upgraded to a level where he learned how to lie, I'm going to still hold out hope. You're telling me a guy has an apple tree and isn't eating apples at all times? No chance. That's how I knew Kawhi was lying. If he had said he didn't have access to that many apples, well that I could sort of believe. But if you have a tree, you're eating a shit ton of apples. 

Kawhi was in rare form during this interview, even talking about how his gigantic hands don't fit in his pockets

imagine the Raptors hearing this? Get the man some fucking gloves you idiots!

It is still weird to see Kawhi "joke" around and be somewhat of a normal human. I feel like this would have been a little cheesey with anyone else, but with Kawhi it worked. I will say it is funny how the man did have a pretty terrible WCF and yet doesn't catch any of the heat. Leave that to Pandemic P I guess. Anyways if you didn't see the full interview you can watch it here

but I'm choosing to believe the apple story is still real. If people can believe in Santa I feel like I can have that.