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Jaxon "White Chocolate Jr." Williams Is The Exact Same Player As His Dad And I Love It

SacBee July6 - Talk about a chip off the old block. The son of former Sacramento Kings’ star Jason Williams – Jaxon Williams, 13 – has the moves and maneurisms of his pops.

Watch “White Chocolate Jr.” in a summer league game.

Hell yeah! Little White Chocolate, just like Old Man White Chocolate…the crosses, the shake and bakes, the dishing and diming, the flash, the floor command, the loose ball diving, the steals, the quick ass hands.

(watch the travel ginger)

There is nothing the world needs more than another White Chocolate. Maybe one of my favorite professional athletes of all time. Had the white Kings #55 jersey and everything, practicing my spider dribble every day in the garage, trying to pull the elbow pass off in every single rec game I played in. Just glad that it looks like we have another one coming up for my future kids to look up to just like their dad did.

Bye haters