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Tana Mongeau Wasn't Attracted To Girls Until She Met Bella Thorne



In case you don't know who she is, Tana Mongeau is a fucking superstar in the internet world. You might have heard the name here and there, she's always up to antics like fake-marrying Jake Paul, making YouTube videos, and famously dating Bella Thorne. But also, Tana was in a 2 year long feud with the single father Alex Cooper, until she joined this week's CHD podcast to talk about what happened, bury the hatchet, and drop other nuggets about her life, including details about her relationship with Bella Thorne. She said:


“I was never attracted to girls or thought I could date one literally until Bella [Thorne] existed. Which is so weird, but it was more so that Bella had never dated a girl and we were kind of in a similar boat. I figured it all out real-time in front of everyone.” 


Props to Bella for having that sort of energy she can make Tana realize oh shit, I'm bisexual, which she talks more about on the podcast. 

She also discusses the party life that fame has afforded her:


“I grew up with the ‘party girl’ image. My whole life, to this day, it probably always will be. People coming up to you with cocaine on a key and Xanax in front of you and Molly next to you and $10,000 cash if you take it all and do a club appearance. It’s the lifestyle. That’s why all child stars, Hollywood stars turn into addicts or die at young ages.” 


My first thought after reading that…$10k sounds low. Appearance fees for these celebrities whose image is tied to partying can be humungous. I mean don't get me wrong, $10k and all the drugs is nothing to scuff at, and definitely a lifestyle that can end you if you don't do it right. Makes sense why so many young Hollywood stars wind up in rehab, I don't know anyone who would be able to properly handle that sort of life.


And finally, she dishes on OnlyFans:


“OnlyFans. Nothing has ever made more sense for me, probably in my whole life…it’s life changing money.”


Yep. God only OnlyFans. Making people LIFE CHANGING MONEY. I will never, EVERRRR knock anyone making a killing on OnlyFans. If you are comfortable in your body like that and can make money and it makes you happy to do it, more power to you. 

You can listen to the entire episode on iTunes and Spotify.