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Russian MMA Fight Featured A 500lb+ Fat Against A Woman With Fists of Steel

Perfect technique from the winner here. When you’re fighting a big fat as a skinny, you gotta let the fat get tuckered out. Ride the wave for 2 minutes MAX. Once you’ve done that, it’s over. If you have anything left, you sprawl them out on their bellies like some sort of inverted turtle and pound their brains in. They’ll be helpless. Flailing around and waiting for the ref to step in and help like the ride attendant assisting them exit the roller coaster cart because they were winded from the thrill. Nothing to be ashamed about there. I too have asthma.  

That being said, I’m wildly impressed with the Grigory. Mr. Christyakov is light-footed to be so heavy footed. He was damn near spry. If he would have connected with one of those spiral ham hooks, it would have been curtains for our pink haired champion. Alas, she was elusive and therefore victorious. Perhaps, if we are lucky, there will be a rematch in store. If not, we riot.