The Lyrics For “Lost In The World” Came From A Birthday Card Kanye Gave Kim And The Birthday Card Is Simply The Best Birthday Card Ever Made



First things first, happy 10th birthday to one of the best albums ever made, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". It is Kanye's Picasso, and whenever people talk shit about Kanye, no matter how deserved it might be now, at least he gave MBDTF to the world. 

So on it's here 10th birthday, Kim shared a cool little nugget about "Lost In The World". The lyrics came from a birthday card Kanye made Kim for her 30th birthday, and the card is AWESOME.



I cannot decide what my favorite part is.

Is it his very detailed (and anatomically correct) stick figures?



Is it the poem/lyrics itself?



What about the fact he signed it "Yeezy"?




Nope. Easily the best part is



Yaught. The little sailboat with the arrow pointing to it. It's so fucking endearing, I legit smiled from ear to ear when I saw that. And you better believe I will only spell it "yaught" from now on. 


So hey, happy 10th to MBDTF. Now stop being a fucking dick Kanye and make another all timer. No offense to Life of Pablo.